Scene It Stages

These are venues and outdoor areas around Cape Town where we actively encourage creative content and engagement.
For some we have video plates available – ‘blank’ films that can be downloaded for use by animators or greenscreeners. Others are perfect to visit in person to create a short video. 

If you have a potential Stage you think we should consider, let us know!

A 6m x 3m mural overlooking the canal at the V&A Waterfront’s hip Battery Park, the Plascon Stage was designed specifically to draw the eye.

The food court at the Sea Point Pavilion is a popular refreshment point, overlooking the sea, the art deco outdoor pools, and a humming outdoor city life.

Cape Town’s famous promenade – which offers miles and miles of a paved route lined by grass on one side and the ocean on the other – attracts tourists and locals from all walks of life.

Alongside the entrance to the Radisson Red hotel runs an elegant walkway, chock-a-block with inspiring art installations. And opposite the entrance to the Oui Bar, beyond the Zeitz MOCAA art museum, run a large set of steps crying out for creative interpretation as a stage.

This calm body of water makes for a great stroll between the city and the Waterfront. Its backdrops include the city, the mountain, Signal Hill, and the old cannons of the historic Battery. Then there’s the beautiful reflective water, the skate park, the wide sweeping stairs, the bridges, the fountains… it’s a hundred stages in one.

Nando’s on Kloof St in Gardens not only has a ceramic tile installation on its outside wall, but it also has a large stoep that could easily host a performer or two. Fire up that creativity…
There are also a number of other stunning bars and restaurants that are interested in being venues for some cool short videos.

With what fear or with what pride have these walls been viewed over the centuries? Whether you are a history buff or not, you’ll find a visceral response to the architecture, the history, the battlements, the looming mountain, the entrance tunnel. This is a place designed to inspire emotions.

An iconic building with an impressive clocktower and a bronze statue of Nelson Mandela. The statue is placed on the same spot from which Mandela made his first public speech after 27 years behind bars, to a gathering of over 100 000 supporters in Grand Parade.

The Camps Bay tidal pool is not just one of the largest tidal pools in Cape Town, it is also one of the most picturesque, overlooked by both the 12 Apostles and Lion’s Head.

Langa is renowned as a hotspot of creativity.
Guga s’Thebe – with its theatre, workshops, amphitheatre and art is a vibrantly colourful place to start. 

The East City district of Cape Town has seen a renaissance over the last few years. Divided from the rest of the city by Parliament and Company Gardens, it boasts some impressive architecture – both historic and modern – and is home to some of the hippest spots in town. We wanted to see what’s behind some of the lesser known doors…

The sculptural swing bridge at the Waterfront connects the Quays district with the Clocktower district, both of which have numerous points of interest, and offer a variety of backdrops to budding content creators.

Cape Town’s famous Bree Street runs the length of the main city, and is lined with beautiful buildings and quirky businesses, all ripe for creative interpretation.

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