Waterfront Theatre School Route

The Challenge

There is a little known pedestrian route linking the Waterfront with the City along the canal.
The talented students and choreographers of the Waterfront Theatre School were challenged to ‘interpret’ various points along the way in contrasting styles.

Click on the Stages below to see the Waterfront Theatre School Route videos so far,
or track down the QR codes and watch in the same place they were filmed.

The QR code can be found at the booking stand above the berth for the catamaran, Enigma.
Head to the yellow frame and you’ll see it just a few metres along.

The QR code can be found in the window of the Life Grand restaurant, overloooking the chess board.

The QR code is in the window to the right of the entrance.

The QR code is in the window of BoardHUB, next to the steps up to the skate park.

The QR code is in the window next to the entrance.

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