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International Jazz diva Silvia Mdunyelwa, longtime Langa resident, sings her own composition ‘Where Are The Children Now?’ in the courtyard of the cultural centre at Guga s’Thebe.
Mama Silvia – who passed away at the end of August 2023 – was also a great raconteur, and loved to share stories of her travels and experiences as a jazz singer.

Filmed by Warren Talmarkes.



Rising poet and artivist Zolani Balekwa shares a poem ‘Owam Unyana’, about the loss of an unborn child.



The students of Thabisa Dance Academy make a new friend.
Filmed by Warren Talmarkes.



Mariska Roothman is a self-taught graphic designer who believes the world around you can come alive if you view it like a child. 


Music from Artlist:`Limbaka` by Disco Shapira


Gabon-born, South Africa-based motion graphic designer Ashley Nzambi  found inspiration for this piece from some of the words on the mural outside Guga s’Thebe. The idea is to communicate Art, love, culture, funk and fun.

Song: ‘Makeba’ by Jain

A small tribute for a lost friend.

By hobbyist animator, Keiara Reddy.


Voice – Joshua Penniken
Additional Colour – Tracy Pitseng 

Where to Make a Scene in Langa

Langa is renowned as a hotspot of creativity.
Guga s’Thebe – with its theatre, workshops, amphitheatre and art is a vibrantly colourful place to start

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