Guidelines for Scene It videos

Successful submissions will meet the following guidelines:

The city:
It is fundamental to ALL Scene It videos that they must promote the city, town, or village in which they are filmed. Your video must make it clear WHERE you are. We suggest your opening scene (and ideally your closing scene too) captures a recognisable landmark, whether that is a view, a building, a statue, or simply the outside of a building. From there you can zoom into a microscopic world or zoom up or out or fade into a different world as you see fit.

Video ‘plates’ for a select number of stages are available for those unable to visit the sites. These can be cropped in / slowed down / sped up as needed.

Story: All videos must have a storyline, with a beginning, middle and end.

Duration: Videos must be minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 120 seconds. In the case of mixed reality, the animated details must last a minimum of 2 seconds.

Stock Footage: Any stock footage included must be credited as such.

Audio: This should be as high quality as possible. To cement the connection between viewer and place, aim to have a layer of ambient sound running through the final video.

Music used needs to be acknowledged. Preference will be given to videos that use South African-produced music and have written permission for its use from the appropriate person/people. 

NB We are working on partnerships with Bridges for Music, Cape Town Music Academy, Cape Town Opera and the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra. If any of these can be of help please contact us and we will see what we can do to get you the music you want!

Branding: Any video should first and foremost be promoting your skills as a creator BUT videos should not come across as adverts. This is entertainment. Any product placement that you wish to include should be subtle. To that end, branded clothing or items must be avoided. 

Abuse: No hate speech against culture, gender, race or religion will be tolerated.

Filming: No roads or pathways to be blocked in the making of any video. Minimal equipment to be used (i.e. no special lighting equipment).
NB: For any filming taking place at the V&A Waterfront, filming permits must be applied for from Penny via This is usually just a formality but local security must be informed and this process can take up to 2 working days.

Access: If access to a building is required for filming purposes, please ensure you have appropriate permissions.

Credits: If these are included in the video itself, they must be at the end and take three seconds maximum. When you submit your video, you will be asked to supply a list of credits and links. These will be added to the YouTube text along with any call to action you would like to add (e.g. Follow, Commission, BackaBuddy)


1280 x 720

Recommended video dimensions for Landscape and Portrait.

.MP4 or .MOV.

Recommended formats but mp4, avi, 3gp, mov, asf. will be accepted.


Minimum width (length depends on aspect ratio) for Landscape and Portrait.


Landscape aspect ratio
(Portrait aspect ratio is 9:16).


Max file size. Remember viewers will be watching on their phones.


Video max frames.


We started with landscape, but are moving towards portrait. Both formats currently accepted.

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