Kloof St Stage

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Animator Mohlalifi Marago rearranges the tile mosaic on the exterior of Nando’s, revealing the nature of ingredients we find in our beloved flame grilled chicken.


Limpopo-based Rofhiwa Nyambeni is a 3D Artist with experience in 3D design and animation, 3D printing, 3D projection mapping, VR and AR Solutions.  


Mma & Morwedi – The Mom & Daughter Clean Up Crew – stop for some Nando’s before an important mission.

Cabblow Studios
Creative Director – Kabelo Maaka, Producer – Dr Tshepo P. Maaka, Animators – Owen Van Rooy, Tanika Pillay, Interns – Khumo Masokoane, Thandeka Gina 


We took the Nando’s Kloof St background plate to Comic Con Cape Town 2023, and invited cosplayers to stand in front of a green screen, capturing themselves – in character – as tourists in Cape Town. It was very much a low budget experiment, but a lot of fun for all concerned.

Many thanks to Caya Creative.

Where to Make a Scene on Kloof St

The challenge on Kloof St is to make sure you’re not in anyone’s way while filming. We’ve started with Nando’s on Kloof St which not only has an interesting ceramic tile installation on its outside wall, but it also has a large stoep that could easily host a performer or two. Fire up that creativity…

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