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Hobbyist character designer / 2D animator / sound effect artist Tolonambinina Rakotoarivony won the prize for ‘Best Use of Animation Principles’ for this entry in the inaugural AnimateCT Challenge.


Gale of the Cape was a character created by animator Jeani Varty for the Cape Town International Animation Festival 2023. Here Gale lounges above Camps Bay Tidal Pool, casting her gentle breeze over the waters.


Cape Town-based animation graduate Ashley Nzambi was inspired by the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” to recreate this moral in a fishing context. “You don’t always have to respond to adversity with violence or resistance but rather with love and kindness,” she says.


Song: Roie Shpigler – Karma Obscura (Artlist)


A banana takes a refreshing dip on a hot day at the tidal pool.

This was actually a trial run for Scene It… if a middle-aged woman with a budget phone, bad eyesight and no editing experience could make a half decent video, then we felt the idea behind Scene It was worth exploring further.

We took the Camps Bay Tidal Pool background plates to Comic Con Cape Town 2023, and invited cosplayers to stand in front of a green screen, capturing themselves – in character – as tourists in Cape Town. It was very much a low budget experiment, but a lot of fun for all concerned.

Many thanks to Caya Creative.

Where to Make a Scene in Camps Bay

The Camps Bay tidal pool is not just one of the largest tidal pools in Cape Town, it is also one of the most picturesque, overlooked by both the 12 Apostles and Lion’s Head. There are some fabulous boulders along the path between the tidal pool and the beach, and then the beach itself has a myriad of moods according the tide, the season, the time of day – take your pick!

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