Silo District Stage

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Joker at the Silo

From the Bronx to the Mother City… “Do I look like the kind of clown that could start a movement?”

Local comedian Ryan Whittal couldn’t resist the urge to dance down these steps, Joker-style. Cameo from visually-impaired comedian Aghmad Ismail.


Veldskoen at the Silo

The Silo District of the V&A Waterfront is a fantastic backdrop, as evidenced by this laidback ad for local South African shoe brand, Veldskoen.

Statement shoes meet statement location.

#alwaysinveldskoen #veldskoen #vellies #footwear #footwear #veldskoenshoes #southafrica #style

Ryan Does the Radisson Red

Local comedian Ryan Whittal sends a video home to his mom.


Ard Vlauger's Art Vlog

A comedic take on earnest art criticism.
With Ethan Goldberg as Ard


Pirates in the Silo

Arrr, there’s nothing like a good sea shanty on a real boat. But in the meantime, here’s this. With local comedians Phil de Lange and Sophie Joans.


The Seal Experience at the Silo

Seals: Powerful, characterful, and certainly fragrant. But can they sing? We’ll let you be the judge. Voiced by Sophie Joans and Ethan Goldberg.


Peek a Boo

A blissfully simple interpretation of how different generations choose to enjoy the world around them. By animator Garth Sanders.
Winner of the Public Favourite prize in the inaugural AnimateCT Challenge.

Interdimensional Visitors

Excitable visitors, just passing through…
By Durban-born animator, Yash B.

As Seen at Comic Con

We took the Radisson Red background plates to Comic Con Cape Town 2023, and invited cosplayers to stand in front of a green screen, capturing themselves – in character – as tourists in Cape Town. It was very much a low budget experiment, but a lot of fun for all concerned.

Many thanks to Caya Creative.

Where to make a Scene at the Silo District

Alongside the entrance to the Radisson Red hotel runs an elegant walkway, chock-a-block with inspiring art installations. And opposite the entrance to the Oui Bar, beyond the Zeitz MOCAA art museum, run a large set of steps crying out for creative interpretation as a stage.

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