Owam uNyana (my son)

Zolani Balekwa / Guga s’Thebe (Langa)

Rising poet Zolani Balekwa performs a short piece about the devastating loss of his child.

As well as being a poet and photographer, Zolani is the founder of Artivism Productions, a film production house that focuses on documenting African ancestral lineage and Cape Town culture.

Music provided by local music school, Bridges for Music.

The Guga s’Thebe Cultural Centre is a public space where communities can come together and enjoy art, design and performance. The centre has six active and tenanted studio spaces, a gathering space, an amphitheatre, an arts and craft shop and a multipurpose theatre. The crafter studios (locally sewn products, pottery, beading, and mosaic works) are often open to visitors.

Filmed by Warren Talmarkes.


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