The Castle Stage

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Tuba player Shaun Williams hides in the fabulous maze of rooms and corridors and ramparts at the Castle of Good Hope. Follow the music of Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ from Peer Gynt. You know you know it!

A collaboration between the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and Culture Connect SA. Filmed by David Fanyane.

Hobbyist animator Dewald de la Rey creates a medieval themed adventure story in just 32 seconds in which @yung_beathoven is the hero of the day.


Young animator team Connor Rhoda and Chris Cuningham are developing an animated adventure series – Team Roho – set in Cape Town. Here we catch an exclusive peek at one of their characters.



Illustrator Heine van As takes us back to when the castle was newly built, when waves crashed against the stone walls and tension ran high.


A kindergarten teacher and her class are taken by surprise when touring the Castle.

By Mpumalanga-based animator Herman Stapelberg.


We took the Castle background plates to Comic Con Cape Town 2023, and invited cosplayers to stand in front of a green screen, capturing themselves – in character – as tourists in Cape Town. It was very much a low budget experiment, but a lot of fun for all concerned.

Many thanks to Caya Creative.

Where to Make a Scene at The Castle

With what fear or with what pride have these walls been viewed over the centuries? Whether you are a history buff or not, you’ll find a visceral response to the architecture, the history, the battlements, the looming mountain, the entrance tunnel. This is a place designed to inspire emotions.

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