Video Plates

Why Video Plates?

Video Plates are deliberately filmed ‘backgrounds’ – often one place from multiple angles. 
We don’t have these for all of the Stages yet, but we’re working on it!

You’ll see that there’s nothing happening in the videos, but there are birds flying, people moving, waves crashing etc.

The idea is that these can be used by animators to insert their 2D or 3D stories,
OR as a green screen backdrop for… well… anything really.

How to Use the Plates


Click on the Stages below to view the Plates filmed there.


Select which plates provide the best background for your characters / assets / story, and request a copy.


Upload your animations or download for use on a green screen, then submit to us.

If you would like to create your own film at one of our Stages
please let us know and we will help you to arrange it.

Food Court at Sea Point Promenade

Exterior of Guga s’Thebe, Langa

Entrance of Castle of Good Hope

Exterior of Cape Town City Hall

Exterior of Nando’s, Kloof St

Camps Bay Tidal Pool

Canal, V&A Waterfront

Battery Park steps & fountains, V&A Waterfront

Radisson Red, V&A Waterfront

(Steps outside Zeitz MOCAA  OR Art installations beside the hotel)

Atrium, CTICC2


Yes, but they need to be acknowledged in the additional text.

Yes, you can enter up to 2 times per stage. Characters can remain the same but each video MUST HAVE an original story.

It will be viewable to the public while it remains of interest… this may be for years! You can request its removal at any time.

Yes, if you would like it to (or you can use a pseudonym). You can also supply contact details or a hyperlink to your showreel if you would like to use the video to showcase your work.

No! This is not AR. No special apps or software are required. This is simply short films being made available for viewing in the same location in which they were shot.