Guidelines for making Scene It videos


We have a number of places we’re already celebrating (see Stages) but if you’d like to set your video elsewhere, that’s great too! 

All videos must 
– be set in a place that is accessible to the general public
– have a recognisable backdrop, at least at the beginning or end of the video (but preferably throughout)

Please ensure you don’t block any roads or pathways in the making of any video. 

NB: For any filming taking place at the V&A Waterfront, filming permits must be applied for, so they can inform local security. This process can take up to 2 working days.


Final edited videos should be minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 120 seconds. 

Visuals & Audio

Landscape or Portrait? Whichever you prefer.

Stock Footage:
Any stock footage included must be credited as such.

Audio: This should be as high quality as possible. To cement the connection between viewer and place, aim to have a layer of ambient sound running through the final video.

Music used needs to be acknowledged. NB We are working on partnerships with Bridges for Music, Cape Town Music Academy, Cape Town Opera and the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra. If any of these can be of help please contact us.


These videos are entertainment-driven, and should not come across as adverts. Any video should first and foremost be promoting the skills of the creatives involved.

Having said that, product placement is welcome, so long as it is relevant and engaging. Just don’t overdo it.

Logos on clothing etc should be avoided unless relevant.


These may be included in the video itself (max 5 seconds). If your video is selcted for further promo you will be asked to supply a list of credits and any relevant links / calls to action.


No hate speech against culture, gender, race or religion will be tolerated.

How to Bring Your Video to Our Attention

  1. Share it on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, and tag @sceneit.ct
  2. Send an email to with a link to where we can see the video


1280 x 720

Recommended video dimensions for Landscape and Portrait.

.MP4 or .MOV

Recommended formats but mp4, avi, 3gp, mov, asf. will be accepted.


Minimum width (length depends on aspect ratio) for Landscape and Portrait.

16x9 or 9x16

Aspect ratio
(Landscape or Portrait).


Max file size.


Video max frames.

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