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When Life throws you a hook, reel in the Love

About: The concept is to illustrate the saying: `when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade` but in a fishing context of the narrative. It expresses the same moral of the story: You don`t always have to respond to adversity with violence or resistance but rather with love and kindness. Song: Roie Shpigler – Karma Obscura (Artlist)

Credits: Ashley Nzambi – Motion graphics, illustration and animation

Submitted by: Ashley Nzambi

Hot Banana

About: A banana takes a refreshing dip on a hot day at the tidal pool.

Credits: One middle-aged woman with a very basic phone, bad eyesight, no experience and zero budget.

Submitted by: Daisy Dolally

Seaside Quill

About: The 30 second scene reveals the hopes and desires of an unknown writer contemplating his/her long lost companion on the seaside. It uses the language of poetry throughout in order to reveal the concealed protagonist`s true desires; being longing, memory, and inseperable affection there midst the waves and all throughout the next lifetimes(s).

Credits: Writer: Bongani Zungu Animator: Bongani Zungu Director: Bongani Zungu Editor: Bongani Zungu

Submitted by: Bongani Zungu

A quick dip

About: Starting the day with a quick dip never hurts

Credits: Character designer/ 2D animator/ sound effects: Tolonambinina Rakotoarivony (IG: @soso_illu) Music: Ah! My Goddess! OST 12 Ikkyuushin Nishu Gentei

Submitted by: Tolonambinina Rakotoarivony

Gale of the Cape visits Camps Bay Tidal Pool

About: Gale lounges above Camps Bay Tidal Pool, casting her gentle breeze over the waters.

Credits: Jeani Varty @animated4you

Submitted by: Cape Gale

The Land And Water

About: The Giant Penguin

Credits: Richwealth Orphan

Submitted by: Richwealth Orphan

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