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A Brief Medieval Adventure

About: We briefly get introduced to a medieval castle, guarded by knights, archers and of course the friendly neighborhood pigeons. Everything is going swell, pigs with piglets roam around in peace and harmony as the castle rooster crows his favorite tune… But then suddenly with a fiery blaze a dragon attacks. The soldiers are helpless against the dragon`s fury but just when all hope is lost, a peculiar wizard appears, casting a spell on the dragon, turning it into a beautiful butterfly.

Credits: Directed

Submitted by: Dewald de la Rey

Cheetah kid is on pest control

About: Leo sets out to find a Devoid, a monstrous creature that threatens the area but he can`t seem to find it till its roar bellows over the castle walls. He dons his cheetah mask giving him the super powers he needs to take it down with the help of his hippo and blue crane friends.

Credits: Chris Cuningham, co-creator and writer: https://www.instagram.com/shwiftychris_/

Submitted by: Connor Rhoda

Unwelcome Arrival

About: A journey back in time to the Castle of Good Hope when waves crashed against the stone walls and tension ran high.

Credits: Animation

Submitted by: Heine J. van As


About: Take a normal day at the Castle of Good Hope, add a special bell and a special spell! Watch the ghosts come alive in a wonderful mystery of surprise in this 2D animation.

Credits: Terease Dhaniparsadh Inshot used to edit 2D animation. Music: Let the Mystery Unfold Musician: geoffharvey URL: https://pixabay.com/music/-let-the-mystery-unfold-122118/

Submitted by: Terease Dhaniparsadh

Unexpected by Herman Stapelberg

About: An African teacher and her foreign kindergarteners are at the Castle of Good Hope on a field-trip, when suddenly a UFO appears and an alien explores the castle.

Credits: Herman Stapelberg

Submitted by: Herman Stapelberg

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