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Vintage memories

About: The concept is `vintage memories`, looking back on happy and loving moments spent along the promenade in Sea Point. We can all go out and make memories, every single day. What better way to it at the ocean. This scene is in the format of a lyric video

Credits: Stock footage: – Storyblocks (Contributor- Wavebreak media) – Artgrid (Contributor- Ross Hillier) Music from Artlist `Son of a beach` by Sugarcoat

Submitted by: Mariska Roothman

Be Kind

About: Just a little reminder to be kind to everyone, nature , and everything else.

Credits: Rofhiwa Nyambeni – 3D Artist

Submitted by: Rofhiwa Nyambeni


About: A story about love and life…

Credits: Creator/Animator: Anelissa Nkanyuza Instagram: @LisaTriesToArt / https://www.instagram.com/lisa_tries_to_art/ Music: `I Will Remember You` – Sarah McLachlan Sounds: Freesound.org

Submitted by: Anelissa Nkanyuza

Showing up at Sea Point

About: A magical luchadore arrives at Sea Point via the pool somwhow

Credits: Stephen van Wyk – Creator/animator Chelsea van WYk – Producer/Consultant

Submitted by: Stephen van Wyk

A Night Visitor

About: An unexpected visitor under the starry night sky

Credits: Mohlalifi Marago

Submitted by: Mohlalifi Marago

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